What is AnyDesk? How to use AnyDesk app?

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Hello friends, in today’s article we are going to tell you about such a wonderful app named AnyDesk, with the help of which you can control one computer from another while sitting in any corner of the world.

Many people have this question, what is AnyDesk App, how to use AnyDesk App? So in today’s article, we are going to make you all understand everything about this in detail. If you read this article from beginning to end, then you will get complete information about AnyDesk App.

What is AnyDesk app?

AnyDesk app is a remote control application with the help of which you can remote control one device from another even while being far away. To remote control one device from another with the help of AnyDesk App, AnyDesk App is required to be installed on both the devices, let us now understand how AnyDesk App works.

How to use Anydesk app?

  • First of all, install the AnyDesk app on both the devices.
  • You can also download this app by clicking on the “DOWNLOAD” button given below or go to Play Store and search “AnyDesk” and then install it from there also.
  • Now open the AnyDesk app and allow it if it asks for some permissions.
  • After this, you now get to see an address in the form of numbers in AnyDesk App.
  • Now you have to write down the AnyDesk address of the device you want to control, and then at the top of the AnyDesk app of your device, you will see an option named “Enter Remote Address” There enter that address and send the request. have to give.
  • Now that request has to be accepted from the other device.

After doing so much work, you will now see the screen of another device on your device and now you can run it as per your wish, this is how AnyDesk App works.

Uses of AnyDesk App:-

  • With its help you can transfer any type of file.
  • You can also do remote printing from AnyDesk app.
  • With the help of AnyDesk app, you can share the screen of any device and have complete control over it.
  • With the help of this app, you can also control the screen, keyboard, mouse etc. of any device.


Friends, in today’s article we have told you what is AnyDesk App and how to use it. We hope that you must have liked the information that we have given you through today’s article. If you have any question then please ask through comment below, we will definitely answer your questions. Thank You ❤️🙏

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