Best way to backup & restore your SMS, call details and contacts

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Have you ever thought that if your mobile phone gets lost, stolen or damaged and all your data disappears, can you get it back?
Yes, of course you can easily get back the data messages, call log details. Let us learn again in today’s article how we can bring this data back.

E2PDF – Backup & restore SMS, call log, contact, Truecaller

This app is the best app to Backup & restore SMS, call log, contact, Truecaller. This app takes backup and saves them in PDF format and you can download this PDF file and if you buy another phone after this, then you can put this PDF file in the phone and use all your data. Yes, this PDF file can be read on any device.

How to use E2PDF?

E2PDF is very easy to use. To use it, read the following steps carefully:-

  • Install the App- Go to Google Play Store and search E2PDF or download it from the download button given below.
  • Open the app and select the “Backup” option.
  • Now select what you want to backup
  • Now enter a name and location for the backup file. You can save this PDF file in your phone storage, SD card or any cloud storage.
  • Now tap on the “Backup” button, after this your backup file will be prepared in the form of PDF.
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Advantages of E2PDF:-
  • E2PDF is very easy to use. It is not necessary to have much technical knowledge to use it.
  • This app is a safe and reliable app. This app keeps your data safe and does not share it with anyone.
  • This app creates a PDF file of your data which you can read on any device.

Now you can keep your important data safe forever without worrying about your phone getting damaged or lost. This application not only saves your messages and call logs but also presents them in easy to read language so go ahead and try E2PDF now.

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